What to Expect

At Our Father, you can expect to be welcomed into community, no matter who you are.  All people are welcome here, and everyone is invited to come they are.  If you like to worship in jeans, that’s fine.  If you like wearing a dress or a suit, go for it.

Kids aren’t just welcome – they’re embraced!  We love having them in worship with us (and we love all the noises and wiggles they bring with them).

A lot of worship these days gets categorized as “traditional” or “contemporary.”  We try not to limit ourselves with that type of thinking.  Worship at Our Father doesn’t fit in any one category.  Sometimes we use the organ.  Sometimes we use flutes or trumpets or guitars.  Sometimes we sing old hymns.  Sometimes we sing new hymns or contemporary songs.  Sometimes we recite old words that have been used for generations.  Sometimes we speak new words that are written specifically for here and now.  Whatever we do, it’s all printed in the bulletin – all of the words, prayers, and songs – to make sure you’re able to fully participate.