FAQs For Your First Visit

How Do I Get To Our Father?

Our building is located on Groometown Rd about a mile south of W Gate City Blvd.  As you approach Our Father on your first trip, you will discover we have two driveways.  It doesn’t matter which one you use; we are just excited you are here.  We also have two doors, one on each side of the building.  Both sides are handicap accessible (as is the whole building), so come in the one which is most convenient for you.  As you enter you will be warmly greeted by a smiling person who will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


What Should I Wear?

There is no dress code.  Some people wear dresses or suits, others wear t-shirts and jeans, so come as you are and wear whatever makes you comfortable.


How does worship work?

Our worship is “liturgical” which just means that it follows a certain flow that has been used in Christian worship for thousands of years.  The basic parts of worship stay the same, but they are filled and colored with newness and variety from week to week.  Worship is very participatory, and so we sit and stand a lot and raise our voices together in proclamation, and prayer, and song.  When you enter worship you will receive a worship booklet that contains everything you need, including music.   This makes it easy for everyone to participate.

As you enter our beautiful worship space please know there are no assigned seats, and our sound system makes it possible to hear from any location.


What about my kids?

We love having kids in worship, and even love all the squirminess, giggles, and noise that they bring with them.  We believe in the formative power of worship, meaning that simply the act of worshipping can change us. And this is no different for our children.  Many of us have seen how our kids are learning about God and being shaped by these words, prayers, and songs by being present in worship with us. Plus, we believe that our worship is enhanced by their presence. Worship is fullest when all are represented and engaged in it, and so we all benefit from them being here.

That being said, sometimes kids need a break from worship (or you need a break).  So we have a “Family Room” set up in the back of the Sanctuary that has books and toys to keep kids engaged, but also has a speaker and a window to see into the rest of the Sanctuary so that you (and they) can still participate in worship.  We also have an unstaffed nursery down the hall with more books, toys, and space (and soon we will be livestreaming our worship to the nursery, so that you can continue to participate in worship from there as well).

We also have a few parts of our worship specifically designed for our children, such as the Children’s Sermon, where they are invited to come forward and hear a short lesson from the pastor, and our “Children in Action” time, where they are invited to leave the Sanctuary with an adult volunteer during the sermon to receive a more age-appropriate lesson.


Can I receive Communion?

Everyone is welcome to come forward for communion.  We believe that God’s table is open to all, and so if you desire to receive communion you are invited to do so.  Just follow the lead of our ushers, and they’ll show you what to do when the time comes.  Our bread is homemade and gluten-free, and we have both wine and grape juice available.  If coming forward is physically challenging for you, simply let the usher know and we will gladly bring communion to you in the pew.



As you leave worship we certainly hope you have been spiritually refreshed!  Please take a moment to notice the God’s Work – Our Hands table (with the blue tablecloth) which has information about some of the ways we seek to make the world more like God’s dream.  Also, if you have not completed the information form, please sign our guest register.  Your presence has been a great gift to us and we very much want to get to know you better.

And if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.