God’s Work — Our Hands

…is more than just a clever slogan. It is a foundational claim of how we understand our mission and ministry.  The phrase names the reality that everything starts with God, and so every good that we work is really God working through us.  It’s God’s work and God is the primary actor, and yet we have a God who chooses to use us and partner with us in bringing about God’s healing, and wholeness, and justice, and love.  And so we work – as individuals and as a community – to use our hands (and our feet and our hearts and our selves) to live out God’s work.

This means that as we live out our lives of faith, we are always discerning where God is at work around us and how God is calling us to join in that work.  We lift up questions like “What is God up to – in our lives and in the life of our community and neighborhood?” and “What is God calling us to do and be?”  These questions help keep us centered on discerning how God is calling us to respond to God’s grace with service to others.

The tabs to the right highlight some of the ways we are striving to do just that.  Click on a link to learn more about one of our ministries and partnerships.