A lot of worship these days gets categorized as “traditional” or “contemporary.”  We try not to limit ourselves with that type of thinking.  Worship at Our Father doesn’t fit in any one category.  Sometimes we use the organ.  Sometimes we use flutes or trumpets or guitars.  Sometimes we sing old hymns.  Sometimes we sing new hymns or contemporary songs.  Sometimes we recite old words that have been used for generations.  Sometimes we speak new words that are written specifically for here and now.  But there are a few things that you can expect from worship at Our Father:

Worship is Engaging.  This means that we use our whole selves in worship.  We stand, we sit, we kneel.  We speak, we listen, we sing.  We think, we wrestle, we discern.  To be fully involved in worship means that we need to create opportunities to involve our full selves, and at Our Father we strive to do just that.

Worship is Liturgical.  This means that worship follows an ancient pattern that dates back to the earliest centuries of the Church: Gather, Word, Meal, Send.  This is the backbone that provides structure for our worship.  Then it gets fleshed out with things like Confession & Forgiveness, Scripture Readings, a Sermon, the Creed and Prayers, Sharing of the Peace, Holy Communion (which happens every week), and a lot of music.

Worship is Creative.  This means that we aren’t locked into any one way of worshipping.  Just because our worship is liturgical doesn’t mean it is boring, and it doesn’t mean it is rigid and unchangeable.  We are always shaking things up, trying new things out, and incorporating creativity into worship.

Worship is an Offering.  Above all, worship is an offering to God.  It isn’t something that we do for other people or even for ourselves; it’s a gift that we offer to God.  It’s one of our ways of saying “Thank You” for the grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love that God has given us.