Youth Ministry

At the Lutheran Church of Our Father we do NOT believe young people are just the ‘future of the church’! We very much know that young people are an important part of the church right now! And it does not take long to see that belief in action.

Young people of varying ages help in the worship, sing in the choir, participate in work days, assist with the food pantry and other outreach. In summary, young people are valued and involved in every aspects of community life.

Our young people recently took a day and offered to teach anyone how to use their phones and other electronic devices!

We love having kids in worship. ALL kids can be loud and distracting. It’s how God created them. So believe us, we love having them present with us, and we love all the noises they bring with them (honestly, their parents are the ones most likely to be distracted by them).

But we also know that sometimes your kids need a break. One opportunity is during the sermon, when kids are welcome to leave the Sanctuary with an adult leader where they will receive a more age-appropriate lesson.

We also have two other options throughout the service. In the back of the Sanctuary is our “Family Room,” which is a space equipped with toys and books to keep kids entertained that also has a window into the Sanctuary and a speaker so that you can continue to be engaged in worship while you watch them. We also have a nursery outside of the sanctuary. It is not staffed, but it is a contained space where you can take your kids if you or they need a break.

We call the younger youth (3rd, 4th, & 5th grades) our Kingdom Kids. They meet for a variety of activities throughout the year. They greatly enjoy being part of the Angel Tree project, the Souper Bowl of Caring collection for the food pantry and similar events.

The older youth’s year is planned around what we call W.O.L.F. The acronym emphasizes the intention to include elements of Worship, Outreach, Learning, and Fellowship (Fun). Everything they do includes fellowship and fun! But some activities also focus on the other elements. For example, they have followed a series called “the Five Love Languages” which talks a lot about the ways different people experience and show love. Another series was based on the Financial Peace program to help prepare them for making smart money decisions. Sometimes they have Bible studies. Sometimes they watch movies. Sometimes they play paintball or go on a trip.{{photo}} Outreach is also a major form of learning. The youth typically participate in a local mission trip along with the other projects mentioned with the Kingdom Kids.

That being said, the one thing most remember for life is the Lutheran Youth Organization, a yearly multi-day event of gathering together Lutheran youth from around North Carolina. This always has a specific theme, such as “This Changes Everything,” a look at how our lives and world are different in light of the resurrection. But the joy of meeting new friends, joyful music and spirited worship is what they usually remember most.

After young people move out of these groups and possibly go through college, churches too often ignore them. And yet these young adult years are extremely important in a person’s life. Our Father is brainstorming about how to be more intentional with this population. This effort, very tentatively called: I grew up in church – now what? will be based on what they say would be most helpful.